The Laughing Cavalier Tradition

Tiger 1978

The Cavalier that started it all: Beer-loving “Tiger,” icon of a pub owned by Barbara’s aunt in England and sire of the cornerstone Laughing Cavalier, also named “Tiger.”


Our conscientious breeding program and the Laughing Cavalier tradition behind it are based on an important doctrine: To protect and enhance the breed in all ways, including meticulous breeding and adoption placement, with an eye not only to beauty but also to health, disposition, intelligence, and, of course, longevity.


To that end, breeding stock has not only been enhanced by the continuous introduction of fine domestic Cavaliers but also by the importation of many extraordinary Cavaliers from England and Europe as well.

The proud result is a long line of champions, including “Ch. La Liz,” fourteen-time “Best in Show” winner (and always best in our hearts), and “Ch. Partridge Wood Laughing Misdemeanor” (owned and loved by Cindy Huggins), the first Cavalier to win “Best of Breed” and a group placement at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York City (1997).

From Left to Right:

“Canadian, CKCSC, USA Ch. Amantra Sweet Fantasy at Laughing,” one of our most cherished foundation bitches.

“Ch. La Liz,” fourteen-time “Best in Show” winner

“Ch. and AKC Ch. Partridge Wood Laughing Misdemeanour,” owned and loved by Cindy Huggins, the first Cavalier to win
“Best of Breed” at Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, New York City.

“Ch. Laughing Honey Bunny


This is Laughing Cavaliers’ first Best in Show, 1987,
with Eng., Can., and CKCSC, USA Ch. Rhett Butler,
Anne Rogers Clark (on left), judge.

In loving memory of our treasured friend, M. Anne Shapiro
(1951 – 2004), pictured on right.
Thank you, dear Annie, for always being there for us.

Of course, Laughing Cavaliers has produced many more champions, some of whom will be featured throughout this site. But, while not all of our beloved Laughing Cavaliers are champions, they all have been, are, and always will be, just our “kids.” (Our overflowing king-sized bed is evidence of that!)

In fact, we are quite proud of the fact that our dogs do not live in a “kennel.” No, they live in the house with us (or vice versa!).

They are, after all, the only kids we have…so while conformation is indeed an important part of our charter, health must be paramount.

Although remarkably healthy in general, Cavaliers as a breed do have some potential health problems, as do all breeds. Foremost among these are Mitral Valve Disease (MVD) and Syringomyelia (SM), two particular concerns of which we are constantly vigilant.

By weaving lines and breeding away from health defects, Laughing Cavaliers makes every effort to produce healthy, long-lived animals, by stressing familial longevity, appropriate vaccinations, proper nutrition, and expert veterinarian care and certification.

But there is still more that goes into a Laughing Cavalier than beauty and health. There are brains and personality, too!  And we are very proud of the many Laughing Cavaliers throughout North America who excel in obedience, agility, good citizenship trials, flyball, and therapy, as you will see in our photo gallery.

Laughing Cavaliers

We don’t call them Laughing Cavaliers for nothing.


Cavaliers as a breed have been famous for centuries for their loving, bright, eager-to-please attitude. Add a truly enchanting joie de vivre and you have a typical Laughing Cavalier.

Traits and Training

At Laughing Cavaliers we strive to breed and raise for all the breed’s celebrated traits, through conscientious breeding programs followed by in-home socialization, healthy and happy surroundings, exercise, and proper nourishment and health care for all our dogs, adult and puppy.


But now comes the trickiest part.

Laughing Cavaliers come in different sizes, genders, colors, and personalities, as you’ll see from our photo gallery. Which one might be best for you? A lot goes into the answer, which may be the most important consideration in the entire process.

Barbara makes every effort to evaluate all aspects of adoption and to recommend just the right puppy. A prospective family with children requires different considerations than, say, a retired couple. What activity level is preferred? What size? What color? Male or female? Which doggie personality would best suit the prospective environment: merry and bouncy, laid-back and super-gentle, or what we call our “Tupperware dog,” the indestructible, rambunctious, play-until-bedtime type?

As you can see there is much to consider.

These considerations go a long way toward everyone’s goal: a successful adoption and a love affair to last a lifetime. It is a goal in which we at Laughing Cavaliers take great care and pride.


Well, we could go on and on about our Cavaliers, but we believe in the old adage about a picture being better than words. So we relinquish the remainder of this site to the best spokesmen for Laughing Cavaliers by far…Laughing Cavaliers themselves.

Barbara and Roy Wilson