The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, in Fact and Fancy

by Barbara Garnett-Wilson



Winner of the Maxwell Medal, for Best Breed Book of 2007

as presented by the Dog Writers Association of America


“THE CAVALIER KING CHARLES SPANIEL, IN FACT AND FANCY is as much a work of art as a reference [and] deserves room on every Cavalier owner’s coffee table…solid, relevant content, written elegantly and presented in a beautiful package. Consider it and its companion piece, The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: A Tribute in Art, essential to your Cavalier library.”

by Allan Reznik, November, 2007
Celebrity Judge on the hit CBS series “Greatest American Dog”
Editor, Dog World, Dog Fancy, and Dogs in Review magazines.


The Presentation Set

If you like this book, you may want the companion book as well, The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, A Tribute in Art by the same authors.
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The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in Fine Art - Calendar Tribute in Art


The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, In Fact and Fancy

In Fact and Fancy
Out of Print

Both Books in a Presentation Set

Presentation Set
Out of Print




Named “BEST BREED BOOK OF THE YEAR” by DOG WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA and WINNER of an “IPPY” AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN INDEPENDENT PUBLISHING, this highly acclaimed book is a nearly 300-page publication in full color. Illustrated by over 450 photos, paintings, and illustrations, its 15 chapters explore the make-up of the breed from nose to tip-of-tail, and its heritage from nearly a millennium before Christ to its meteoric rise in popularity today.

S. Harris, Winston-Salem, NC

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I had firmly believed the subject [of Cavaliers] had been well and truly covered and that there was little room for yet another publication. But how wrong could I be! The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in Fact and Fancy by Barbara Garnett-Wilson is an absolutely excellent volume, covering virtually every aspect of our wonderful breed.

Beautifully laid out, the book takes an in-depth look at so many facets of the Cavalier, many of which have never been covered by previous publications. Highly informative and comprehensive…[with] an enormous amount of research…. [The author’s] love and enthusiasm for the breed shine through in her sheer exuberance and wonderful writing style.

Over the years I have accumulated quite a number of excellent Cavalier books, but this one most surely takes pride of place. A book that you simply cannot put down.

Tina and Dennis Homes

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club (UK) e-Newsletter, October, 2007,

…rarely do breed books demand a review.  However, there are always exceptions…[and] certainly Barbara Garnett-Wilson’s incredibly beautiful The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, in Fact and Fancy is that case in point!  I cannot recall…a more beautifully published and presented breed tome. Every photograph is in full-color…the quality of the print job is so high, it boggles the mind…[and] by and large the photographs used are of museum-type importance.

The added plus is the overall coverage and content presented by the author, who is an acknowledged and recognized authority.  Here, too, Mrs. Garnett-Wilson exceeds all expectations. This book is simply in a class by itself and makes all [other] efforts…pale in comparison.  It deserves all the praise being heaped upon it!

Do yourself a favor and look into buying a copy of this masterful book.

Matthew H. Stander

Westminster edition of Dog News magazine, February 9, 2007

I was an English major in college, so I am not easily ‘blown away’ by new books, but Fact and Fancy did just that. Your photos and layout and presentation of the information are all first rate. I am so impressed and thankful that I bought your publication. It is a fantastic book. I have never written a letter of praise for a new book; however I felt compelled to let you know how I felt about your book.

J. Main, Sun City Center, FL

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