Laughing Tully the Therapy Dog


“[Laughing]Tully draws attention like no other at Mission Hospital in Asheville.”  WLOS News (ABC affiliate), Asheville, SC

Sometimes the contributions made by the puppies we bring into the world give us a special gratification, and even an occasional tear in the eye. Such is Laughing Tully, a four-year-old, ground-breaking therapy dog in Asheville, South Carolina, who makes regular rounds at Mission Hospital there, cheering those in need of a smile.

Paula and Steve Webb, Tully’s proud owners, have given many hours training Tully to be the “star” he is and to exemplify the “comforter” in Comforter Spaniel (as ancestors of the Cavalier were once known). “Everyone we meet,’ says Paula, “whether it’s just coming into the hospital waiting area, the staff, the families, the patients…we touch so many lives. No matter what language an individual speaks, everyone speaks dog.”

And every Cavalier speaks “love.”