Laughing Kagney the Agility Champ


There’s always an ingénue waiting in the wings!!!

Carol and Dana Scranton premiered Laughing Kagney in the world of agility on his 18th-month birthday in 2012. And let’s just say, he has quite the future.

At that first competition, Kagney took four first places in novice division. He completed the courses averaging nearly 5 yards per second, besting many larger dogs at all experience levels. Not bad for a rookie, huh?

Now 2 1/2 years old, Laughing Kagney (always Nabisco to grandma!!!) has been competing in NADAC for less than a year. But this speedy little guy is already running at the Elite level in Jumpers and Touch ‘n Go and has passed the 1,000 Lifetime Points mark in his first year.

We think Kagney secretly aspires to be a Border Collie!!!