Captain and Lioury were our ringbearers!

Laughing Covington Bling

Bling, as the real Laughing Cavalier!

Laughing American Brilliant (Brillo)

Bride, Annemarie Dillard Jazic
with Laughing Lewis looking on
Karlisch photography

Laughing Maria de Schubert
(Pavarotti's litter sister)
Group Winning Ch. Laughing PS I Love You "Gerry"
Showing off with his owner Marcia Dietrich Kardatzke in Alaska
(Fr. Ch. Carham Cover Boy At Laughing "Robby" x Laughing Hava Nagila)
and Gerry's brother
Laughing Hart to Hart "Lynley"
with his owner Stephanie Hart in California

An apple a day keeps the vet away.


Becky and Ben Field's Jazzy gives it the old college try...but the squirrel got away!


Minnesota's Lilly Anderson with her very own Laughing Cavalier, "Eliza"


Do it for Mommy. PLEASE do it for Mommy.


You've heard of hot dogs? Well...

Mariah and Mia are "buds."

Ah, the eternal quest for greener grass.

Laughing Hava Nagila

Just can't get enough of those gorgeous
Dutch girls! This is
"Twonya V.H. Lamslag At Laughing," imported from Holland.

Palastra V.H. Lamslag

Any word from the governor?

Theo and Ella, Laughing Cavaliers owned by our good friends,
Eric and Linda Gidion, Poulsbo, Washington.

Photo by Eric Gidion

Pavarotti loves his mum

Under? On? Whatever. As long as it's the bed.

Laughing Nessun Dorma (aka Pavarotti)

A Laughing Cavalier quickly becomes
part of the family...if not the head of the family.
Here is Lioury taking first dibs at the Thanksgiving turkey.

...and they think all the presents are for them.

Laughing Emile de Beque...son of International
Ch. Loxley des Marliviers at Laughing
(see Champions page).
Now 13 years old and retired.

"Laughing SaraDippity"
a color pencil drawing by artist Ken Ottinger

Am/Can Ch. Laughing First Dibs, RN, C-RN and U-UD Laughing Brix UD, C-UD, RE, C-RN, Can CD
were owned by our dear friend Jane Pitts.
Brix & Dibs are now waiting for Jane at Rainbow Bridge

Five wonderful reasons to give thanks!
 Dippity-Do delivers on Thanksgiving Day.

The lovely Laughing Eliza Doolittle
and Laughing Lord Wellington,
owners of Ben and Becky Field
of Long Lake, Minnesota

Muffy (Twonya) and Doodle (SaraDippity)
share a snooze

Mia...a beautiful Brillo daughter

"Act casual...maybe they won't notice."

Sparky and Dimples, 15 and 13 respectively,
still active and tail-wagging happy!

Lifetime friends, both lived to be 17 years old.

Lioury may be royalty...
but he's not above begging.


Our beloved, "Doodle," at 10 years

Our unforgettable Lizzie, at her prettiest.





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